A new, modern street furniture for Prague.

The management of the Prague´s street furniture adheres to the conditions and terms of the contract concluded in the nineties that is effective until 2021. In fact, it is old-fashioned, battered, conventional and long ago written off. I will neither help you find your next connection, connect to the Internet, recharge your mobile phone, withdraw your money from ATM, get to know the weather forecast or the outcome of the today´s match of your favourite football club. In many places in Prague, there is even no possibility to shelter from rain, and outskirts of the city often have no furniture available, because it does not pay off today. All this in 2016... The operator of the furniture has sole selling rights guaranteed by the contract for ads to be placed in the broader city centre while paying the City of Prague ridiculously low rent when compared to other European capitals. We believe it can be done in a different way and to a much greater benefit of the capital city and Prague residents.

It is in the best interest of all the residents Prague that the Prague City Hall withdraw from the existing onerous and detrimental contract and announce a public tender for a new one. We are ready to participate in the tender and submit a comprehensive and much better offer for the city in terms of construction and operation. We offer the Capital City of Prague at least three times higher fees for the permission to place ads than those paid by the existing operator JCDecaux.

A new, modern street furniture presented by us was designed by the students of the College of Arts under the expert guidance of the school educationalists and external statics, lighting and production technology consultants. The final selection of the most appropriate solution took place under the supervision of leading international and Czech designers. The renowned designer Logo Horchow and the Czech manufacturer of furniture mm cite led by designers David Karassik and Radek Hegemon joined forces to develop prototypes. The goal of the students and the authors of this proposal is to offer the city residents a modern design of street furniture with high utility value. The mm cite company is a leading Czech developer and manufacturer of furniture that has already been well established and known worldwide. Now, it receives a well-deserved opportunity to present itself in its own country.

NThrough attached visualizations, we would like to introduce you the different elements of the street furniture which rank among the basic aesthetic elements of the system and gracefully put the finishing touches to the public space in city centres.